The Israeli Society for Cancer Research was formed in order to bring together cancer scientists from the Israeli academia, hospitals, governmental institutes and the private sector. The main purpose of the ISCR is to foster interactions among Israeli cancer researchers, and between them and their colleagues abroad. The cross-fertilization resulting from said interactions will advance the prevention and treatment of cancer on the basis of world class scientific research. Since its inception, the ISCR has enjoyed the encouragement of the Israel Cancer Association.
Our inaugural meeting took place in February 2009. We plan to continue having meetings in which basic and clinical cancer scientists will participate. These meetings will expose students and fellows to the research performed by leading laboratories, as well as giving junior scientists an opportunity to gain experience in presenting their own research.
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Members of the steering committee

Tel Aviv University Prof. Adit Ben-Baruch
Bar Ilan University Prof. Benjamin Sredni
Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School Prof. Eitan Yefenof
Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School Prof. Eli Pikarsky
Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School  Pro. Hovav Nechushtan
Weizmann Institute, Rehovot 76100 Israel Prof. Michal Neeman
 Israel Cancer Association Ms. Miri Ziv
Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School Prof. Reuven Reich
Ben-Gurion University Prof. Ron Apte
Bar Ilan University Prof. Uri Nir
Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School Prof. Tamar Peretz
Weizmann Institute Prof. Varda Rotter
Tel Aviv University Prof. Yona Keisari
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology  Prof. Yuval Shaked

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