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A letter from EACR President Moshe Oren

To Members of the EACR Council
Professors Carlos Caldas and Yosef Yarden recently wrote a position paper on the behalf of the European Association for Cancer Research, which was published in the European Journal of Cancer (EJC). It describes the irreplaceable leading role of basic research in the future of cancer therapy, and how allocating resources to basic research could be the key to unlocking new achievements in personalized cancer treatment. 
This is an important document for the Association and, if you have not already done so, I would ask you to spend a few minutes to read this.
In addition, could I ask you to find an appropriate place on your society website to highlight and link to the position paper? For those of you who have a dedicated EACR page this would seem the most appropriate area to place this. If you highlight EACR within a ‘member benefits page’ then perhaps a short link from there back to a news item or a ‘latest’ information section of your homepage would be more helpful.
Basic cancer research: why is it essential for the success of personalised cancer therapy?
The last decade has witnessed significant progress in cancer understanding and therapy: we can now identify the genetic drivers of individual tumours, and tailor drugs able to specifically intercept the driver mutations. While all agree that personalised cancer medicine is a clear outcome of the resources dedicated to cancer research over the last 50 years, some critics question the necessity for continuous investments in sub-fields other than clinical research and drug development. Herein, scientists from the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR) argue that the new ways to diagnose and treat cancer present important and hitherto unaddressed challenges for fundamental research of cancer. Allocating the resources needed for basic studies will likely fuel the next wave of achievements in the long way to conquer cancer.

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